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Debt Men

By Alan Ng | September 22, 2021

The debts we owe come in many forms, and it’s not always about money. This idea is explored in Adam John Brummond’s short film, Debt Men. John (Travis Myers) and Sidney (Alex Désert) are life-long friends and semi-pro criminals. Tonight, the two are thrown together to scare the living hell out of the criminal Marion (Christopher Amitrano) in order to obtain some information.

“…the two are thrown together to scare the living hell out of the criminal Marion…”

Debt Men is less about the job, and more about the friendship played wonderfully by Myers and Désert. John had recently been released from prison, and the short opens with their quiet and awkward reunion. Soon their friendship picks up with light ribbing and the revelation that John is about to have a child, and Sidney has one of his own.

I liked the tension between the professional and the personal. Debt Men calls out what is truly important in life and juxtaposes it with the need to fulfill one’s responsibilities and the dangerous, uncertain nature of crime. At ten minutes, our glimpse into this friendship goes by fast, but it left me interested. So let’s see where this story goes. Leave ’em wanting more, I suppose.

Debt Men (2021)

Directed: Adam John Brummond

Written: Travis Myers

Starring: Travis Myers, Alex Désert, etc.

Movie score: 7/10

Debt Men Image

"…less about the job and more about the friendship..."

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