Hidden Treasures Now Streaming on Hulu

Hulu has a vast amount of quality content, and the big studio and original content stuff are shoved right in front of your face “recommended for you.” But many small independent films are buried deep in the Hulu vault and the only way to find them is to type its name in the search form. If you want something different, Support Indie Film and type these names in.

Knives and Skin (10/10) – Award This! Indie Comedy Nominee

A parody of every teen movie we loved as teens, Knives and Skin is about band geek Carolyn goes missing one night after a lousy date with jock Andy. No one knows where Carolyn is, but everyone is feigning concern now that she is missing, including people who would’ve said they hated her days earlier. Lorry Kikta says, “it’s rare these days to come across a movie so weird –that is also well done that doesn’t come across as the most pretentious trash on earth.”

The Biggest Little Farm (8.5/10)

Nothing like a proper mid-life crisis to drastically uproot your life and turn it into something meaningful. John Chester’s The Biggest Little Farm is the story of John and wife, Molly, who took a used-up piece of farmland in Moorpark, CA, and somehow turned it into a thriving farm. They used old fashioned farming techniques and created a balanced ecosystem—wholly different than the large, yet struggling, corporate monocrops, that surround it. Alan Ng calls it one of the most critical environmental documentaries for today.